About Gina Rozario

She graduated with an Honours degree in English literature from the National University of Singapore. Based in Utrecht for the past 20-odd years; worked 16 years as a style editor for China Information then published by the Sinological Institute, University of Leiden; currently a full-time freelance editor and style editor of China Information now based at the University of Macau.

Gina takes pride in a job well done; she’s enthusiastic and conscientious, with a strong sense of responsibility and commitment – that’s why your text is in very good hands!

Gina is fascinated by the way the English language works, how it is used, and for what purpose. She’s highly motivated by the challenge of working with a text, be it straightforward, substantive or root-and-branch editing, and creating a product that meets the highest standards.


Gina has worked for the following journals:

Style editor (since 1994), China Information, academic journal on contemporary China

Freelance editor (2011-2012), Bijdragen, academic journal of the humanities and social sciences of Southeast Asia and Oceania

Substitute editor (2008 & 2010), NWIG, scholarly journal on the Caribbean in the social sciences and humanities

Freelance editor (1992-1997), TESG, academic journal of economic and social geography

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